Underground River, Dos Palmas and everything in between – Puerto Princesa, Palawan

If you are still debating whether you should go or not? Please, stop now.. you got to go! Underground River? They wouldn’t have it as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature for nothing… It does live up to all the hype! Dos Palmas? Maybe not as popular now as before, but boy oh boy, this place is a gem!

1st stop – Ugong Rock

We had our dinner here, we didn’t stay long because we wanted to hit the bed early to prep ourselves for a long day the next day.

If you will ask me now what I do remember from this trip, it would be… well, there are three things…

good food

beach life is the life!

malamok (so bring mosquito repellant)

Day trip: Underground River and Ugong Rock Adventures

We were joined by a lovely couple and BFFs from Olongapo.




The walk to the river is interesting enough. It has added value to the trip, gets you more excited about what you are about to see.

We did a little side trip to Ugong Rock Adventures, which is quite a hike! And we were brave enough to take the zip line down. Great experience, great view!


Food time…


The view from the town’s park is quite scenic… Na-miss namin mag-bike!

Arts and crafts…

And then the lovely Dos Palmas… would be nice to go back and stay longer. We just took a day trip to the resort. Lunch, beach, and amenities use are all covered. There is a diving lesson you can take here too.

Would definitely visit again.. hopefully soon!


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