from Puka Beach with Love – Boracay Island, Philippines


If there’s one beach in Boracay that I will never get tired of.. that would be the Puka Beach. Yes, I am using the word “tired” because you know it, if you have been to Boracay, the White Beach is a little too overrated and tiring… it’s crowded and no doubt, a tourist trap (yes, even for locals).

I’m not suggesting you skip the White Beach because after all, this is where the party happens. Tons of restaurants and bars to choose from there now, so for you foodies… you won’t be disappointed.

I prefer a quiet beach, so I usually stay longer in Puka.

And because I wanted to be near and have easy access to it, I stayed in Alta Vista Boracay. They have a van that will take you to the beach, and take you back to the hotel when you want. Just ask the reception and they’ll get you on to the next trip schedule.

Puka Beach is free for all, but if you stay in Alta Vista you’ll get some perks like fast transportation and use of towels at the beach.


Puka beach welcomes anyone who wants to explore it. There’s not much to do here, just enjoy the view and relax. This is the place where the saying “less is more” holds true…


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